and thanks for bein’ here.. 

I feel to be a fortunate life-traveler…  and I try to capture special places & moments with the camera as I go. 

Join me, if you would:  I’m here to share… and I hope to inspire.  My name is Marvin Mast.

I have a number of interests and services listed in the menus above.  Review them and if you enjoy what I do — let me know…  I’ll work to earn your business.

“Mouse Over” and pull down the above  “Galleries”  menu bar…  you’ll see a list of my ongoing interests;  Covered Bridges, Northwest Vineyards, Pacific Tree Frogs, Farm Barns, & Pet Portraits are but a few. 

  • I restore aged and damaged images.  collage home
  • You’ll see I have an obsession of  capturing flowers & critters up close in macro. 
  • I’m always looking for interesting landscapes.
  • I’m relatively creative with post processing.  Check the POSTERS section.  I blend multiple exposures for much of my recent work.
  • I’m available to photograph your events.  I will satisfy your wishes; that’s guaranteed, and we’ll have a fun time doing it.

My “thoughts & blog” section is mostly to do with experiences  finding, capturing, and processing images.  My goal is to make these thoughts a learning experience.

Much of my work is available for purchase.  see here  for a choice of buying options… or  here  for a select shopping cart (FineArtAmerica).  If you have interest in buying direct (certain sizes) please contact me via email, or the contact form, or telephone… and I’ll respond quickly.

Please check back often and see what it is I “cook up”… with either the camera and/or software because I hope to surprise and to stir your senses just a little…. and I plan to do it frequently.    Thanks again.    

You will find a variety of photo-slideshows throughout the site; some with music and some not, all meant to add fun.  Enjoy.

You can navigate with the menu bar above to go anywhere on these 50-plus pages, or…   you can use the following shortcuts to go straight to the various group homepages.   Have fun.

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Marvin Mast         (MarvinM Photoworks)