another barn… after 3 to 4yrs waiting

Finally, finally….       I did it tonite.        I got my photos of the red barn with a cupola about 20miles from home, out south and east of Woodburn.  In years gone by, Spring seasons, Fall seasons, Summers… I/we (Carlene and I) would drive by (it’s not far from Fessler’s Nursery and it’s on the way to the Mt Angel Cemetery) frequently and always the setting (the sun not right, foreground unexciting, clouds wrong, van-parked-to-close, etc, etc, etc) was just NOT right.     But… now, last Sunday we drove by going to the cemetery and the Sausage Factory and I looked to see that “all the stars are lined up just right” if….. they don’t harvest the wheat crop before I get there.    I’d best do it in the evening light cause the house is in way of morning time light.


And so, thats what I did tonite…. went and “got it”… and maybe even better than I expected.   I’ll post the result — and you see what you think.   It’s the red barn with cupula and ripe heads of wheat (or.. barley??? I’m not sure) in the foreground.  We’ll see how it turns out in the next few minutes.       Thanks for listening and happy shooting.   I get a special reward this evening from FINALLY getting a shot I’d been anticipating at times for a thousand days.

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