Barn Building Styles….

Very interesting how I’ve noticed… but not identified, the various roof styles of the many farm barns I’ve photographed the past 4, 5 years.

I just now followed up on a reference given to me by George Northcroft of the Seattle, Washington area.  George has been associated with various regional municipalities and governmental agencies and is very aware of Washington State goings-on. A year and a half ago when I mentioned to him my project of learning about farm barns he told me the state has efforts in place to help preserve them and I see now it’s a heavy-duty and appears-to-be a well-funded function.  How wonderful — I wish my dad was available for me to tell that “barns are STILL important”.  It would give dad happy thoughts.

The State of Washington has many photos and examples of the various styles and I’ll try now to show my takes from last week when I had the pleasure of two days in two areas of The Evergreen State looking for interesting farm barns to photograph.  On Tuesday I was in Central Washington, the Goldendale/Klickitat area.  On Wednesday when Carlene had business in Tumwater the pups and I explored a 90 mile circle between there and Mt Rainier southward to State Rd 12.  It’s beautiful countryside with a variety of colorful and interesting farm barns many in stages of dis-repair as it seems to me is the case where-ever I go.  Here are photos of various styles.

I’m anxious to see how the styles vary according to the make-up of the original settlers in the respective areas.

Hamilton Farm; South and East of Goldendale, Washington

First is the style which seems to me the most simple, the Gable roof.





English Gambrel; North of Goldendale 4.5 miles

The English Gambrel style…






Dutch Gambrel; Near West Linn, Oregon. Notice the outward flares at bottom of both sides

Dutch Gambrel style…






Gothic style; near Ethyl, Washington. Beautiful barn

Gothic style…





Broken Gable; North of Goldendale, Washington 6miles

Broken Gable…







I’ll amend this post with more examples as I go back thru my prior photos and catch more in the future.  Thank you for visiting.

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