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Most of my images are of the 51 registered bridges in State of Oregon.  I began the project of visiting and collecting covered bridge photos as a way to acquaint myself with this newly adopted state.  My wife and I had the pleasure of making long-day and/or weekend jaunts to the various areas of the state until we had captured all but one, the Fourtner Bridge which is on private property.  My wife says I bribed her with dinners-out and overnite stays just to get these pictures.  If that’s true I hope we find another cause soon so we can do it all over again.

Oregon “had” 51 bridges listed on the National Registry of Covered Bridges when we began the project in the early 2000’s.  One bridge, the one in Wimer, deteriorated and “fell down”.  It has recently been rebuilt.  I do not have photos yet of it

I will be working to make this site as complete as possible with facts and information concerning this wonderful state treasure and for that to happen I will add historical and technical information as well as “2nd edition” photos.   When I began this photo project in 2004 I was  more concerned about “getting the picture” and not so much about the image composition and/or photographic quality.  Now my goal it to make the photographs more interesting visually.

There are three bridges, the CHAMBERS RAILROAD, theLOWELL, and the RITNER CREEK that have been rebuilt “in my time” and I’ve posted both the before and after images.

Only one of the bridges is located east of the Cascade Mountain Range, the Rock ‘O The Range near Bend .  Lane County (Cottage Grove and surrounding area) has the most covered bridges with 18.  The Oregon counties have as follows:

Benton County:         3

Coos County:              1

Deschutes County:    1

Douglas County:        7

Jackson County:       4

Josephine County:     1

Lane County:            18

Linn County:              8

Lincoln County:         4

Marion County:         2

Multnomah County:  1

Polk County:               3

I hope you enjoy these images as we did collecting them.  Please check back time to time because I plan to make this “a work in progress” and for the site to become a definitive group of Oregon Covered Bridge photographs.  It may take me years for that to happen because there are many high quality presentations available now.      Thank you for visiting.

Click here for a shortcut to the Covered Bridges in the state of Oregon

and here for the few we’ve captured in states other than Oregon

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