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Let’s say you have an idea, a vision… of an image you want to mount and feature in your favorite room at home or the office but you don’t have a way of doing it yourself … Let’s see if I can do it for you.  I’ll bet I can.  Here are a couple examples from our house:

My wife is very good with ideas and I enjoy the challenge of making her vision “come to life”.

#1 is a pair of fake-flowers-in-a-vase-arrangement my wife had made.  She first asked me to make a picture of her tin vase arrangement and then I saw her sand glass vase and photographed it to partner the first.  We had the first one printed on metallic paper and that creates a nice “depth”, a richness.  We’d sure recommend it.  Mpix does good work.

#2 is the poster featuring the “water color” image of the Portland Farmers Market which came about after we had purchased a poster at the Pike Street Market in Seattle and Carlene asked me to create a similar effect for the Portland market.  Here’s my rendition and I feel it’s as good if not better than any other.  Click on these to enlarge.






Giant Daisy

#3 is the black-and-white giant daisy framed in two halves and mounted separately.  Carlene was the instigation behind these and I think the vision was brilliant.  I feel it made for enjoyable art and look forward to doing these types again.  We have all these pieces in our home.  Let me create some for yours.

These “custom made” ideas don’t have to “cost a mint” –you’d be surprised at how little something will cost.  Give me your “fairly clear” vision but with some flexibility —  Contact me and we’ll give it a try.   We’ll try bringing the visions to life.

Tell us what you think of these pieces — there’s space below here for your opinion.  Thank you.



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