Little Boy and a Pumpkin Shell

We were lucky last weekend — Little Cameron was coming to visit.  He’s three and a half months now.

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Grandmother Carlene got this “Cameron-in-the-pumpkin” idea earlier in the week and was making preparations the couple days leading up to  Sunday morning.  To get ready…. she figured the necessary pumpkin size by trying some household baskets,


then finding and buying the right size and shape orange globe (is pumpkin fruit or vegetable?) Saturday at the Fred Meyers,

then cutting out the top and disemboweling the sacrificial pumpkin (she used a cordless drill with a hole saw to help make the leg ports)…

and finally…  driving and scouting the neighborhood Sunday morning looking for a site with the right terrain and Fall-colored leaves to make the effect she’d been seeing in her mind.

It all came together just before noon after Cameron had finished his hour-and-a-half nap to help with his happiness and co-operation (mom was hopeing) —  we all gathered cameras and blankets and headed for Ibach Park about a mile away where the setup and picture-taking lasted twenty-plus minutes (with over a hundred images) while park motorists and strollers stopped to watch the commotion of us adults urging Cameron to smile and/or look at the camera. 

It was a good time and now Carlene is drawing up plans for the coming Thanksgiving photo shoot with Cameron.  He’ll be five months then.

Stay tuned.



Here is Cameron up close and with his mom and dad, Lori and Matthew.

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