Macros, mostly critters…

This is an image hodge-podge;  most are garden critters living here with us:

“Macro” is a term photography people use to describe the ability of a camera or, more usually, an interchangeable lens that can focus on an object so closely that the image on the “film” or, rather now, the camera sensor, is as large as the object itself.  In other words… 1 to 1.

The world of macro photography is loaded with subject matter and with all the gardens my wife and I play with I have an endless supply of shooting ops.  That’s why you see an abundance of flowers close-up, bugs, spiders, and frogs sitting in flower blooms.  It’s another part of this wonderful world we often walk past and don’t acknowledge.

The spider, bumble bee, or frog don’t charge any admission fees but they sure can be a challenge to sit still in the “right” place and light so I can capture his or her small world.  I typically use a tripod and remote activation of the camera shutter so that all the equipment stays perfectly still and keep the object in perfect focus.  There’s not anything that’ll kill an image quicker than for it to be out of sharp focus.

It’s an intriguing part of our world generally seen only by using patience and a lens that will let you focus quite closely.

Check the frogs from my posting…

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