My dreamwish goes way back…

“I’m lucky”, is the way I see it…   Lucky in life, Lucky with many friends, Lucky with a large and loving family, Lucky with a fantastic wife – my life partner, Lucky with a great son, and Lucky with important others, many just touched in passing.

I’ve had this “want-to”, this DREAM and this WISH since the early 1970′s, to learn about using a camera, to “make pictures”, to capture the visual minutes and seconds of my time on this planet, this life-trip, and I distinctly remember the exact times & places when I snapped two early photographs that I thought to be “keepers”; one in February 1972 with my trusted Kodak 126 and then the other… two years later (in black and white) after I’d made the big investment of $30 for my first single-lens-reflex, a used Ricoh TLS SINGLEX that I still own.

Here are those two photos, both snowy Wintertime captures – both straight lines of barbed wire fence going off toward a distant vanishing point.  The first, in color, taken near Edwardsburg, Michigan on a weekend when we got snowed in and stuck in Michigan.




The second “keeper”, the black and white, I took about 2 years later a few miles south and west of Nappanee, Indiana, my home town.

The sharp black lines of these barbed-wire fences against the white snow always stayed etched in my memory as I chased my “want-to” of capturing images and making pictures.

I’ve wanted to become, like my friend, John Otto, spelled it on his blog… a “photo-grapher”… for all these years… and now… 38 and a half years later with the launching of this website…. I IS A PHOTOGRAPHER.   At least, I am so… IN MY MIND…      and now my challenge is to post photo captures and pixel manipulations that will encourage you to think the same. It’s gonna be fun to see what happens and I hope you enjoy some of my creations just half as much as I do looking for and then capturing them.  Each capture has its own life.  What a way to go. I love it!!!

Lets see what we can do in the next 10 years.  I say “we” because I’m gonna ask for your feedback and direction so to do my best.  Most of all…  let’s have some fun.  Life is short.

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