New feature learned; create a WEB GALLERY. what a nice feeling

It’s always been quite easy for me to follow the instruction and rules of assembling a new cabinet, a tool, a toy, or whatever.  I’m confident when I begin, that I’m gonna complete the task and “conquer the animal” but I always have that internal suspense and intrepidation during all the assembly process. I have just a little bit of self-doubt.     Well, that was the feeling I had today when working my way thru setting up a group of photos to display on my recent website in a fashion so that I can post the link (on the web) or email it so that anyone and everyone can quickly access the selection and view my photos.

The end result today came after about a half dozen tries and it was SO SWEET.  The display now works way to easily for the end user.  I am thrilled when I reach those finish lines just like always when putting together that new storage cabinet or bed frame.  Completion will always be one of my little life thrills I guess.

Here’s what I did today..      click here to see    This group of photos doesn’t pertain to my photo website but completing it means I can now share a photo shoot with a client or friend quickly and simply.  I understand the concept now — I understand the process and now will be looking for the next little creek to cross.

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