Of Making “Pregnant” Images…

Lori, our daughter-in-law, and Matthew are getting very close to the minute of welcoming a little boy into their lives and about a month ago she allowed me to take some “pregnant” photographs (it was approximately the beginning of month number nine). 

Lori and I had seen another image done in silhouette so, of course, we had to try that.  And… since I’m trying to write this from a photographer’s perspective I’ll try to describe what I did for lighting and post processing on a few images of Lori, Matthew, and… their pupper, Nani.

I like Lori’s eagerness to pose in various postures — She has the makings of a model — and is plenty pretty. 

This first shot is very straight forward with two sources of light: the off-camera flash strobe and the soft light from a window, both from Lori’s left.  I added a colored texture to the background in post production.

You can click on these images to enlarge.

The next image is the silhouette.  For this we had the off-camera light fall on the background behind Lori with her standing away from the white backdrop.  I added a gradient to darken the bottom half of the background.  Just a side note… I will likely try to process this again looking for more softness in contrast.  

Image 3 shows Matthew and Lori’s family now… the two of them and Nani.  Nani is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is, in our opinion, one of the world’s cutest pets who wants nothing but to be included in any of our goings-on.  Here’s Lori, Matthew, and Nani with the light this time coming from two directions: the off-camera flash coming from their right and the soft light from the large window at Matthew’s left.  

The number four image is beautiful Lori with her dad, Gene Porter.  Gene had driven all the way from Christmas Valley, Oregon to attend this baby shower weekend here in Portland.


Thanks Lori and Matthew for allowing me to make these images.  We’re all waiting for the grand and blessed birth event.




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