People of special importance… in my life

This is going to be a section not about cameras and photography but rather… images & stories of people – people especially important to me.  It will be an ongoing “work in progress”.

It’ll be a personal page — just stuff of my family & friends.  Maybe I’ll disclose (or find) something not known… by telling of my people important.  We’ll see.

The section is prompted by and dedicated to our dear brother Joe who left us early in the Summer of 2006.  Joe and I are two of the four boys who grew up in a family of eight.

The photo header above shows a rare get-together of my father (on the far right) and his living siblings at time of the photo (in the 1980’s).  Now (2012) only one, the youngest of the girls, Elizabeth, is living.  Again… it’s a reminder;  Life is short, live thankfully, preciously and intensely… enjoy every day, every minute.


Growing up, we kids had the usual “unforgettable” times;  All part of a loving family.  I remember still when it was just the three of us older boys (sister Mary, not on the scene yet) and all of us in the single-seat buggy with Allen & I sitting on the board in the front looking upward and back to dad holding the reins, and mom with little brother Joe on her lap.  After sister Mary was born (1951) we had to get a “double buggy” for it’s 2nd seat.  It was between the 6th and the 7th kid that mom and dad left The Old Order Amish faith and bought a car.  We were now a part of the Amish Mennonite denomination.  All 10 of us would pile into that car, a ’49 Pontiac (four in the front seat, 6 in the back), for the Sunday trip(s) to church and family functions.  A side note: Old Order Amish (horses and buggy Amish) have church services every two weeks (at member’s homes) but Amish Mennonite have services every Sunday, twice, morning and evening.

Brother Joe was an inspiration to us kids (others also, I’ve found since his passing).  Joe loved life and tried to live it intensely but the disease, pancreatic cancer, respects no one and maybe thru this photo collection I can hold on to some memories of Joe and pay more attention to finding long-sought cancer cures.  To re-iterate an earlier comment… “life is short” so lets do all we can to, as Mary Chapin Carpenter says “not be late for it”.

joe in sport coatClick here for photos of our Brother Joe.  Every so often my heart needs to go see them again.



Click here for the images I’ve accumulated of my dad.  My quest is to get more pictures of his younger years but… there aren’t very many.   Photos of Amish before late in the 20th century are quite scarce (I think it’s correct to say that the Amish doctrine used to see photographs as being “graven images” and therefore not acceptable).   My father went on  “to be with his Maker” in the summer of 2008.  I miss him a lot.


from left to right: Dave, Elizabeth, Emory, Joe, Ed, Mattie, and dad (Andy)

Click here for a collection of photos I have from Dad’s family generation.  If any one reading this has other pictures I’d sure welcome the addition.  Thanks in advance. 




All of us cousins on the Hochstetler side were blessed with an ongoing positive influence by mom’s younger sister, Liz.

Liz catered to all us nieces and nephews.  When she and Ernie had the Locke store she’d frequently, on hot days, bring ice cream bars and cold drinks for each of us “young ‘uns”.  Liz didn’t have children of her own so she adopted all of us.  We love aunt Liz and this little tribute of photos delighted her when in 2006 she had given a tin box of her personal picture negatives to cousin Susan who shared them with me and I scanned and developed the following images and sent them to Liz in a scrapbook.  Thanks Susan.  Click here for a slideshow and think of the pleasant memories Liz made for us.  Pictures of Liz would not be complete without including Ernie.  Ernie died so very young (36) and always remained a central part of her conversation.  Liz’s body now rests next to Ernie’s at the Union Center Cemetery.  Liz’ obituary in Goshen News.

Check here for a recent news event to our family concerning our dear Aunt Liz

Since time and life go by so quickly… check the site from time to time;  You may find an image and comment concerning yourself.  Be assured it will be listed with kindness and respect.  Thank you for your time and, most important of all… take your time, enjoy each day.

Click here for a future project-in-progress;  Memories of an older-guy-now thinking of being a young boy growing up in a large Midwest farm family.



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  1. MYRNA MITTLER says:

    Marvin how wonderful this is. It is very interesting, but is it finished yet? I think it very interesting to see how you lived and compare the difference from our family. I mean with our fathers being brothers, it will be interesting. I will definately be back to see what you have posted. Your brother Joe was very good looking. I don’t remember him at all. Was he the brother that used to come to our house in kalona when you did? I remember my dad calling you ‘dumcoff’ or something like that. He loved to tease you boys. You had a beautiful large family and there are a lot of memories, I’m sure. Enough said. I will keep in contact and let you know what I think when I read some of your other stuff. I am happy that Jim and I got to spend a small amount of time with you in California in the 70’s too. I would have lost out on knowing a great and wonderful first cousin. Good night, Marv and tell your lady hi for me.

  2. Mim says:

    Absolutely awesome job in putting this all together. These are to be cherished for sure.

  3. TINA S. PATTERSON says:

    I really love these family pictures. Aunt Elizabeth and I looked at these together and we both think you are very talented. We LOVED seeing all of the old pictures which brought back so many memories that we both hold dear. It was nice to see the loved ones that have passed and know that they will be seen by other generations. Thank you for caring and sharing Marvin. love from aunt Elizabeth and Tina Patterson your cousin Hello to all the family that read this you are loved.

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