Restorations (befores & afters)….

This process is certainly not magic but rather a blend of art, imagination, and Adobe Photoshop skills.  Almost always your input (your personal desires) are paramont to finding the best solution.  I’ll be very forthright with realistic estimates of time and costs necessary to do each job before investing my time and your money.  Many photos cannot be restored to look realistic and I’ll offer my opinion before we venture further.  Your satisfaction and my fair compensation are my two concerns.  I will guarantee your satisfaction.

Costs  and Pricing:

A few examples of re-capturing the photos from decades past… These are “before & after” examples hopefully to show respective costs.  They are: (please click on photos to enlarge)

Uncle Emory's Class

The photo UNCLE EMORY’S CLASS had a variety of “age wears”:  many little dust spots, some yellowing and the two girls in the back row were partially “cut off” on both sides.  I’ve “rebuilt” the two girls & straightened the photo.  The cost for this was $55. The “before” was taken 57 years ago; time worn and now restored some….


my 3rd grade class in front row....

The picture entitled MM 3RD & 4TH GRADE had been folded a number of times making a number of “cracks” going from top to bottom at various angles.  It had water marks and aging spots with discoloration.  It didn’t look that bad but just took time to correct.  The restoring charge was $50.

Tina; before and after...

The picture(s) entitled “Tina before and after” was very straight forward, not difficult.  The charge for doing it was $40. 




This picture was imported as a very small file size and needed enlargement in addition to many surface cracks from being folded as well as a good amount of ball-point pen writing on the lower half.  The charge for this is usually in the $50 range.




I don’t know if I recommend colorizing photos???    I did this of my grandfather Jake & his twin brother Yost for my own curiosity.  Its just not the same as the original 60yr-of-age black and white.



It takes a good amount of time and I imagine the costs to be twice that of a “normal” cracked and worn restoration.