the light, the light, the light…

I finally, after three visits got the images I wanted.  The first one failed in the morning, second one failed in the evening a half hour before sunset;  This visit, the 3rd was earlier in the morning at just a couple minutes following sunrise.  The available light makes and breaks the image capturing success.

There are some trees and a hill on the east side of this barn (to my left side and back) and when I got to the barn site 30 minutes after the sunrise the sun was already so high that it cast “hard” light onto the barn and created dark shadows between the trees and.. onto the barn.  I didn’t like that.

I next visited in the evening when we had some clouds (rather than a clear BLUE sky) but still had too much light coming from the west side.  I had only one side (the east) available to view this barn.  Bun now I could not get the definition on the barn and surroundings I wanted without getting “blown out” by the low sun in the west.  In retrospect I may take one of those images (I always shoot in RAW) and expose it twice, once for the sky and another for the foreground and blend them together (there were some llamas grazing by the barn that I wanted to include).

Red with a Cupola

So here’s the red barn, a healthy-looking but nicely worn one, with one cupola in the middle. Its located just a few miles from our home and will be one of my favorites I’m sure — I’ve been eyeing it from a distance and brief odd angles from the road for a couple years.

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