The Painted Hills

We… Carlene, the puppers, and I… visited these beyond-my-ability-to-describe-with-words hills in Central Oregon on a day late in May when the Spring thunderstorms were chasing west-to-east by the hour.

Fresh rains were washing the layered hillsides and painting their vivid color “to the max” —  the fast moving clouds and the sunshine changed backgrounds by the minute.  It was…  our lucky day.

The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument is comprised of three separate sites.  The Painted Hills is one (they call it a “unit”) and is located near the small town of Mitchell, Oregon which is approximately 230 miles south and east of Portland or 85 miles east and north of Bend, Oregon.  In my opinion it is much more than just “worth your while” to take a day trip to this country.  Take more than just a day, take many. 

Here is our attempt to describe this wonderful place with the cameras.  Just click on any image then arrow left or right.

Link to the National Park Service site for The Painted Hills unit.

For more geologic history of the John Day Fossil Beds Nat. Monument click here

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