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I’m new to photographing weddings but my skills are adaptable (please check other parts of this site and… I’ll be glad to share any of my work that may be pertinent).  I will promise a sincere attempt to exceed your expectations.  I WANT THE EXPERIENCE & PORTFOLIO in return for a very modest fee structure. Please review my wedding examples in this section.

If I can get my wife who has tons of wedding photo ideas to help we’ll make a monster of a team because I can sure do the post processing.      Thank you for visiting.

This small gallery of photos is from Lori & Matthew’s wedding on San Juan Island in the Puget Sound.

Click here for more images from their special day.    matthew & lori


Or… when you have family and/or friend events you want to memorize in photos please call me and we’ll try to make your idea become reality just as an acquaintance did recently for a unique Mothers Day gift for his wife.

A very favorite wall hanging in their home has been an image of their 3 boys from 13 or 14 years ago.  Todd’s idea was to re-create that scene.  The boys all took breaks from work and school during lunch hour;  We met at the city park and here’s what we did…..  click here for more images


A few years back my brother-in-law (wanna be then) planned to propose marriage when up in a hot air balloon and asked my wife and I to photograph the ride from the balloons’ inflation all the way thru the deflation.  Click hereI need to tell you the proposal was accepted and he has since done the training to now be a certified balloon pilot himself.


And then…. click here for a recent Boise State University lady’s soccer team (and parents) barbque.




This could go on and on…  click here for photos from a recent request to record some family jr varsity football action times




Here is another event; a family party that

Jeli family party

Magic gets everyone’s attention

morphed into a baby shower.  Click here

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