What To Do With Fuschia Blooms???

I love the look of Fuschia blooms –  I like how they seem so intricate, so dainty, so artistic, pretty and loaded with color.  But, I have a problem…

I’ve tried photographing and making pictures the past few years (we have many blooms) but can not ever seem to do them pictorial justice — not been able to capture the essence of the bloom as I see it live.  My photo bloom always gets lost in the plant and foliage, it seems to not ever stand up and out in the photo like it does live & in real life??  What is the problem??

So…. I’m going to resort to artificial means and isolate the intricate bloom and put it on non-plant backgrounds.  Maybe it’ll be interesting this way.   We’ll see.

Tell me what you think and …. I’ll explain how I put the textures and frames in behind and on top of the blooms to hopefully contrast and bring out the bloom’s amazing beauty.  Maybe this’ll be a step in the right direction.

2 fushiasFloating frameIMG_4917texture

fushia double

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