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I hope you’ll pardon my indulgence… This “Our Gardens” section is included mostly to “show off” what we (Carlene & I) do.  We take much pleasure every Spring when first the green and then the colors come to life again.  Here in this part of the Willamette Valley the green comes to being in March and then the colors start and multiply beginning in mid- April.  From June 1 thru all of September our place is a blaze of color.  This section is just to share those colors with you.  

The “Gardens, Other” section is a collection of my captures from mostly the three well known gardens here in Northern part of the Willamette Valley: (1) The Portland Japanese Gardens considered to be one of the worlds best done Japanese garden outside of Japan,  (2) The Portland Chinese Gardens, and (3) The Oregon Gardens located on the outskirts of Silverton, Oregon.

An idea we’ve experimented with and will likely pursue next Summer (2012) is to use our gardens as both a studio for portrait backdrops as well as a gallery to display our work.  I hope you enjoy what I have available so far.  Stay tuned for more to come.

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